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Clint and Josalyn at Seattle’s Melrose Market: A Loving Stairwell Moment and So Much More…

September 23, 2016

I have this really sweet memory of Clint and Josalyn’s Seattle wedding day.

Because of special logistics at their venue, Melrose Market, we signed marriage license documents on a cocktail style table, at the top of a stairwell, with beautiful light streaming in.josalynclint

It was the two of us, witnesses and their photographer.

I watched Josalyn lovingly touch Clint’s arm several times during the signing.  During all of this, I loved the way that Clint kept looking at Josalyn and his outward affection and joy to be with her.

While we had a beautiful and personal ceremony, it was this stairwell moment and other personal glances and touches during their ceremony that reminds me that the best moments of a wedding day are most often the unexpected pieces that write a lifetime story.

Josalyn and Clint, thank you for giving me the privilege of sharing in your slice of happiness!

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They Did What We Did! Much Happiness to Carolyn and John, Married at Seattle’s Volunteer Park…

September 23, 2016


john-carolyn-1Years ago, my husband, Greg and I, were married in a tiny ceremony for “2” at his home in Woodinville. We then happily boarded a Holland America ship for Alaska, a first-time cruise for both of us (we’ve since been to Alaska this way 6 times!).

So, it made me smile when I heard that John and Carolyn were flying into Seattle to get married and then they, too, would be taking off on a solstice honeymoon cruise to Alaska.

On a lovely August morning at Volunteer Park, joined by two of their dearest friends, we stood together in a semi-circle and got these two beautiful love birds so hitched up, so married!

Take a look at these sweet faces ~ our world is a happier place, blessed by this sweet, loving and gracious couple.

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Jason + Laura at Seattle’s Golden Gardens Park: Lots of Personal and Sweet Touches…

September 23, 2016

As I was writing Jason and Laura’s wedding ceremony, I was touched by the amount of personal time and energy they were putting into small and big touches on their wedding day. jason-laura-stover

For instance, the Chuppah under which they held their marriage ceremony, was hand-crafted by Jason and Laura’s Father, Rik.  As Laura shared with me, bonds and relationships were strengthened during the creation of this Chuppah, which made their wedding day more meaningful.

For reception, it was fun to see all of the DIY touches that made the reception space that much more comfortable, easy-going and so “Jason and Laura.” jason-laura

And for ceremony, under the loving guidance of Wedding Planner Wendy Wojcik, all went beautifully.

Staging a processional at Golden Gardens Park can be a cumbersome task because of the people factor and the unknowns of a public space. With grace and ease, we had a beautiful processional of family and wedding party and got a gorgeous bride elegantly ‘down the aisle!’

Jason and Laura – here is to your marriage adventure!

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Sweetly Married at the Lovely DeLille Cellars in Woodinville: David and Misao

August 29, 2016


When it comes to a wedding day, such a lifetime experience is made that much sweeter when there is great kindness and graciousness woven into the day. DavidMisao

This is what I remember most about Misao and David’s wedding day.

Married at the end of July at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, it was happiness for me to share in Misao and David’s wedding ceremony – a ceremony that reflected detail about their relationship, gratitude to their family and friends and other personal elements that tied everything together.

I look back and remember the love and devotion between these two, and I walked away with the heartfelt knowing that their family and friends were thrilled for this day…and rightfully so.

David and Misao, I wish you great joy as you move into this new phase of your journey together!

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Sam and David: Married on the 4th of July at the Glorious Kiana Lodge…

August 29, 2016

If there ever was a couple meant to love and marry, it’s Sam and David.

And it was my happiness to join them on their wedding day at Kiana Lodge…that much happier because it was the 4th of July!  SamDavid6

Joined by 100+ family and friends, we celebrated Sam and David with the gift of a gorgeous ceremony overlooking the water on the grounds of one of my most favorite venues ever for a ceremony, Kiana Lodge.

Within Sam and David’s ceremony, we incorporated personal elements including a few ‘surprise photos’ taken during ceremony by this very loving and sweet duo (see photo at right).

Most of all and with much happiness, I smile as I remember these two Sweethearts and wish them much happiness on their marriage adventure!

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Tidbits of Wisdom and Memories from Wonderful Summer 2016 Weddings…

August 25, 2016

My husband and I love dogs.  Cancel that.  We adore dogs.

In our time together, we have rescued dogs with vision problems and had also loved dogs who have lost their vision. SteveJulie

Perhaps this was one of the reasons I was so enchanted with Steve and Julie, married on Friday evening at DeLille Cellars.  This compassionate and gracious couple rescued their sweet dog, Kodi, a few years ago.  Kodi, who is now blind, was presented mid-ceremony as a ‘surprise ring bearer’ – a sweet surprise from Steve to his beautiful bride.

Two beautiful ladies, Kimball and Nicole, were sweetly married at The Pickering Barn on Sunday afternoon, surrounded by a great group of very joyful family and friends.  KimballNicole

These two women worked with me to create a beautiful ceremony that not only celebrated the two of them but their family and friends as well.  We wrote in a sweet remembrance for Kimball’s brother who is no longer with us as well as other pieces that reflect the anticipation these two gracious women have for their future.

JoannaMark2I love a wedding ceremony on Bainbridge Island.  Newcomers to the area, Mark and Joanna, chose the Hilltop park area for their ceremony and a lovely restaurant in Winslow for their reception.

This dynamic duo love adventure and while they are on their honeymoon to Alaska, I’m delighted to share this sweet picture taken just after ceremony.

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GREAT JOY! Helen + Martin Marry At The Lovely Alderbrook Resort…

August 8, 2016

When I received this marvelous photo from Photographer Jennygg, I just smiled.  BIG!

It was happiness for me to make a June road trip to the lovely Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal to share in Martin and Helen’s wedding day.  Martin and Helen

These two love birds share a most delightful love story and this, and so much more, we celebrated with the gift of a personalized ceremony on a lovely June Sunday afternoon.

When Helen first met Martin in person, she thought to herself, “so this is what my future looks like!”  She went to give Martin a hug and he said to her, “I’ve driven all of this way….I deserve a hug!”

What I appreciate and cherish about Martin and Helen is their commitment, not only to their loving relationship but to the children of their union.  A wedding day is that much more special when it truly honors the children of a marriage and the honesty that goes with all of the ups and downs of a blended family.

Helen and Martin – I’m the lucky one….you found me!  Much, much happiness to both of you…


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Daniel + Zoe: A Field Of Lavender and a Beautiful Wedding Day!

August 8, 2016

There is a hidden gem in Woodinville, a field of abundant lavender that is hidden from the eye off the the Woodinville Redmond road.ZoeDaniel

Called Woodinville Lavender, this beautiful venue has fields of gorgeous lavender and a few weeks ago, at the peak of the season, Daniel and Zoe chose to be married, surrounded by such color and goodness!

I was touched that Daniel and Zoe co-created with me, a ceremony that celebrated their relationship in such a poignant and deeply touch way ~ and one that also honored family and friends.

This was extra special for me because even though Daniel and Zoe are young (and fabulous!), they desired a personal ceremony that celebrated their shared vision and anticipation  for their years together….nothing ‘blah, blah, blah’ here.

Daniel and Zoe, I wish you much happiness on your marriage adventure!   Beautiful Photo:  Jenn Tai


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From Iceland To Seattle With Love! Celebrating Elizabeth and Gerald at Lord Hill Farms…

August 1, 2016

Elizabeth + Gerald.

From different States, they unexpectedly met in Iceland while on separate adventure trips.   Elizabeth Gerald

After a week together in this lovely foreign country, they returned home. Shortly thereafter, Gerald was making his way across several States to see Elizabeth. And as they say, the rest is history!

Joined by happy family and friends, Elizabeth and Gerald, were married on Sunday, July 26th at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish.

Elizabeth was absolutely beautiful, despite the heat of the day. It was a treat for me to celebrate with this couple and their festive group of family and friends, including Elizabeth’s delightful and spunky Grandmother!

At the end of the day, these two lovebirds were married and all was right with the world.

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A Group Photo for a Fabulous Couple and Their Family and Friends…

August 1, 2016

I love everything about Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo for a wedding.

Everything.  annie dave youn

And life is always better when you have a lovely couple who appreciates this gorgeous venue as much as I do.

On July 2nd, it was a pleasure for me to join Dave and Annie for their wedding ceremony at Kiana Lodge, surrounded by their family and friends.

When I look back on Dave and Annie’s day, I not only remember the two of them as a hugely committed, honoring and sweet couple, but I was taken with their commitment to get a group photo immediately after ceremony.Annie Dave Youn1

I LOVE a group photo.  It’s not easy to get one and takes some post-ceremony logistics to get it right – and when done, it’s a lifetime memento. (the photo to the right is mine and doesn’t do the moment justice!).

Dave and Annie – wishing you much happiness on your marriage adventure!


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Blake + Anastasia: A Country Wedding at the Lovely Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth…

August 1, 2016

Sometimes a girl just needs a mid-summer wedding road trip!

My excuse was Blake and Anastasia’s wedding at the magnificent Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth.   BlakeAnastasia

So, early on July 23rd, I got in the car and started driving over I-90 to Leavenworth.  I arrived early and after a bit of walking around the town, I made my way out to the Pine River Ranch.

If I could clone Blake and Anastasia, I would do it.  These two are an Officiant’s dream couple – fun-loving, easy-going, gracious and focused on what is important on a wedding day.

Anastasia was just beautitful and her boots (which complemented her gown beautifully) made me smile!

We had a lovely ceremony outside under a flowered arbor.  Yes, it was hot and happily, all went very well.  I drove off with a happy feeling in my heart, knowing these two were brought together for all the right reasons.


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Russell + Nicole: Sweetly Married At Roche Harbor…

July 25, 2016

It was happiness for me to take a Kenmore Air seaplane out of Lake Union on July 9th as I made my way to Russell and Nicole for their wedding ceremony at Roche Harbor.RussellNicoleCrew

This was a wedding of two very beautiful people, dear family and friends and a quest to create a “time out” for a weekend to enjoy, celebrate and to create lifetime memories.

In the waterside garden of the Roche Harbor Resort, Russell and Nicole exchanged vows in the happy presence of 100+ family and friends who traveled for this much anticipated destination wedding.

For ceremony, we shared a bit of Russell and Nicole’s love story, an honoring of family present, a little tribute to Russell’s daughter (and a hug), a remembrance for Russell’s Mom and Nicole’s Father and more.

As the seaplane took off a few hours later, my heart was full, so grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of this happy day and weekend.

Russell and Nicole…wishing you great blessings on your marriage adventure!

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Your Seattle Wedding Day: Create a Day Around What Is Truly Important…

July 5, 2016

I’m at home after a big Fourth of July wedding weekend.

I’m tired and I’m happy.  Lovely couples were beautifully married and all went well.

As I reflect on the weekend, I know one thing:  after so much anticipation to a wedding day, it’s important to remember what is important.  And what really doesn’t matter.  jamie and Justin

For Bill and Katy, it was just about “them” as they celebrated 14 years of togetherness.  Under my favorite huge tree I call “Esther.”   KatyBill2

For Jaime and Justin, it was about them and their small gathering of family and friends.  And to be married on the 4th of July, was a big personal deal for them.  Heck, they have a sweet dog named “Liberty!”

4th of July Love: David and Scott had the sweetest ceremony with family/friends before they boarded a cruise ship.  Kerry and Heidi were married on Alki Beach at sunset.  Sandro and Erica lit up DeLille Cellars with their great joy and Georgian traditions. Dave and Annie did things big and fabulous at Kiana Lodge.  And two days later, Sam and David, surrounded by family and friends, had the best fun during a vibrant and robust ceremony – also at Kiana Lodge.

As I shared with Bill and Katy:  what is big, is really small ~ what is small is really big.

Photo:  Justin/Jamie – jennygg   Photo:  Bill/Katy:  Sarah Potter

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The Beautiful Wedding of Chad + Alex: Sweetly Married At The Woodmark Hotel In Kirkland…

June 20, 2016

It was great happiness for me to be a part of Chad and Alex’s wedding ceremony on May 29th at the lovely Woodmark Hotel.

I could not have been happier when Alissa from Maris Events called me to set up a meeting.  And when I sat down with Alissa, Chad and Alex, it was kind of like a fabulous first date – I just immediately liked these two wonderful men. ChadAlex5

On Memorial Day weekend, we all gathered on Sunday evening under the ‘party tent’ at The Woodmark for their ceremony.  Remarkably, the sun came thru for the hour before/during ceremony and it was one of those great gifts of a lifetime.

Perhaps the best thing for me was being up close to Chad and Alex and the smiles, touches and loving glances they exchanged during ceremony.

I wanted to shout to their wonderful photographer, Miguel Cornelio, during ceremony, “you’ve got to get this!”  And I knew that Miguel was on it.  ChadAlex8

We had timeless moments, we had contemporary moments.  We had love, kisses, joy, gratitude and an abundance of happiness.

Perfect in all ways.

A wedding like this has many moving parts.  Those parts, on this day, went without a hitch, thanks to a great team of talented people. My great gratitude to Planner Alissa Lawton from Maris Events – Alissa, you are simply lovely, so talented and one of the very, very best.

Miguel, your photos in one serious word: beautiful.  To DJ Leslie from Seattle Parties – “Girl, you are the ‘bomb!”

Maris Events:

 Miguel Cornelio:  Seattle Parties:

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When It Is Killer Hot Outside For A Seattle Wedding Ceremony, Let’s Talk About Shade…

June 7, 2016

As I write this, it’s warm outside on this Tuesday morning here in Seattle.

And over this past weekend in the Pacific Northwest, it was HOT.  Seriously, HOT.  Way too hot to be married in the full-out sunshine.

Some couples decide to get married in the sun.  When it gets into the 80’s and 90’s, my best counsel is:  “Honey, re-think this strategy pronto!” JoelLisanne

Getting married in the heat of the day isn’t fun.  It’s sweaty.  It’s exhausting.  It’s tiring.  It wears out your wedding party and family.  It doesn’t offer best photos.

Dump the idea and go for shade.

Happily, this past weekend, two of my loveliest couples, Joel and Lisanne (Sylvan Grove Theatre – featured left) and Andrew and Kristen (Wild Rose Weddings – featured below) worked with me to move the site of their ceremony.

And for Andrew and Kristen, this was an hour before ceremony!  AndrewKristenCopeland

Here’s the pay-off:  A bride and room remember more because they aren’t dying in the heat.

Family and friends remember more and are more comfortable.  Your older guests are protected from the sun.

Photos are that much more flattering than in the crazy sun.

Everyone in your wedding party (no sunglasses) aren’t squinting like mad.   Simply, shade is a magical elixir that creates more happiness!


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Brenda and Cosdyn’s Wedding Day At The Salish Lodge…

May 23, 2016

I was with Brenda and her lovely ladies just before she walked down the aisle to marry her love, Cosdyn, at The Salish Lodge last weekend.  

It was happiness for me to share in Cosdyn and Brenda’s wedding day.  And more so because this beautiful and gracious couple came to me via Danielle (Brenda’s Maid of Honor) and her husband, Yuri, whom I married a few years ago.


As I stood in the corner about 30 minutes prior to ceremony, watching all of the last minute preparation and festivities, I was enchanted with the young flower girl (Christina) and flower boy (Danielle and Yuri’s son, Jack), who were absolutely enchanted with one another.  It was just one of those moments of pure joy watching two sweet ones in fits of giggles and hugs.

As I move into the fullness of late Spring and Summer, I’m reminded that the small moments at a wedding are usually HUGE.  And the HUGE moments are usually small.  Yes, the paradox of life.

I often encourage a couple to take planned private moments on a wedding day – time out moments – because the lifetime moment of a wedding day will never, ever come again.

And sometimes, I actually take my own advice during my time on-site at a ceremony. To step back.  To be super watchful. To look for divine goodness in the smallest of details. 

To ask bold questions.  To be ultra kind. 

And to know and remember that a wedding day will never, ever come again. 

Gorgeous Photo:  Megan Christina Photography

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A Seattle Home Wedding: A Happy Trend For Couples…

April 25, 2016

Susan and Richard totally got things right on their wedding day.

They were married at their home in Seattle on a spectacular April afternoon, surrounded by 50+ happy family and friends.  Or as Richard shares, ‘after 16 years together, it’s about time!”RichardSusanPost

In creating their ceremony and celebration at their beautiful home, Sussan and Richard did everything right.

Susan enlisted her wonderful daughter-in-law, Megan, and friend, Judy, to assist with lots of ‘on the day details.”  By doing this, Susan insured she didn’t have to ‘work’ and that she had two purposeful people who were watchful to insure family and friends were comfortable and food/drink and party details were on track.

If you are planning a home wedding, here are a few hard-won tips that may be helpful:

  • Hire a caterer and/or bartender.  Don’t make the food yourselves.  It’s stressful, often overwhelming and takes up a lot of time. Susan hired a professional to make the food on-site and this was a treat for all.
  • Figure out where people are going to park and have someone out front to guide/assist as guests arrive.
  • Weather optional:  have an indoor and outdoor option.  Because weather can be crazy, depending on the time of year, have Option A and Option B.  If you need a tent, rent one.  And outdoor heaters, if it may get chilly.
  • Create party games and activities that encourage people to interact.  Give guests a funsy ‘swag bag’ or ‘favor bag’ with a tasty treat/goodie to take home.
  • Hire a professional photographer.  Enough said!


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Real Seattle Weddings: Smart Ceremony Tips from Wonderful Couples

April 4, 2016

I’m often asked, ‘what do you most remember from a wedding ceremony?’

As I look back over the past couple of weeks, here you go!  ChrisAllyTess

~ Tony & MarPhillia: I was so taken with MarPhillia’s wedding vows.  Her words were so gorgeously crafted and her delivery was one-of-a-kind.  Tony’s vows were a bit more traditional in tone and I loved the look in his eyes as he shared his words with his Sweetheart.

~ Karl & Bridgette:  The fun!  This couple, with a blended family and busy schedule, took a “time out” just for themselves and their tiny ceremony.  They beautifully tied a fisherman’s knot, a ritual that many couples decide not to do because they are concerned they are going to screw it up.

~ Lincoln & Amanda:  So much love in the ballroom of The Edgewater Hotel.  A lot of emotion around a beloved family member.  AND this couple is a zillion times more fun than I thought they were!

~ Mikey & Sam:  I love a couple who love dogs.  Mikey and Sam are devoted to their 16-year-old wonder dog, Sally, who was ring bearer, flower girl and best lady at their wedding ceremony at The Salish Lodge.

~ Daniel and Shasta:  Who gets married at the top of The Space Needle in the bitter cold and dark?  Daniel and Shasta!  Just the most wonderful couple and with an international twist.

~ Chris and Ally:  Such a gracious and fun-loving couple, married at The Woodland Park Zoo .  So fabulously fun-loving that they took planned selfies during their wedding ceremony – it was such a sweet and well-done experience!  (featured in photo above)

~ Maddy and Rick:  Lincoln and Amanda and Maddy and Rick should have dinner!  This dynamic duo hosted a comfortable, easy-going and lovely ceremony at The Bear Creek Country Club.  While the place was formal, the feeling in the room was approachable, happy and so upbeat.


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