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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us the most special gift of all, telling the story of us on our wedding day! You are truly poetic with your words and kind beyond boundaries. We are thankful every time we think back to the day we found you and the first time we met you. We knew then you were the one to marry us!

Nathan Rimmer, Rosanna Sasso & Bella

The Sorrento Hotel


Annemarie, our wedding day was more than we could have ever hoped for and we are over the moon happy! You completely blessed this time in our lives with your smile, joy and kindness. We truly love you! We consider you a part of our family and will always look back on this time in our lives with so much happiness!

Drew and JoAnne Johnston

St. Paul’s Chapel, Port Gamble


Annemarie, our wedding was wonderful beyond what we could have imagined and also easy, easy, easy! We couldn’t be more happy with how everything turned out and many guests told us it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Even with my obvious bias, I couldn’t agree more. We’ll always remember what a wonderful and joyous day you helped create for us.

George Dick and Rebecca Simpson

The Foundry


Annemarie, you were such an important part of making our wedding day one that we will never forget. We thank you for your time, patience, encouragement, organization and support as we planned our ceremony. We are thrilled to be married and feel very blessed to have found you to pull it together.

Katie and Ashlee Plowman

The Corson Building


We can’t say enough positive things about you, Annemarie! You were a perfect fit for us and we loved you right from the start. For a huge wedding like ours, you were a presence and took command of a large audience. You are a consummate professional in everything you do. Can’t say enough thanks!

Alan and Stephanie Hong

Chihuly Glass Garden

Shruthi and Girish

Thank you so much for being a part of our day, Annemarie! It wouldn’t have been exactly as we envisioned it without your help. The whole day was so emotional and beautiful and we feel completely blessed to have each other and everyone who was there supporting us. You’re the best.

Girish Prasad and Shruthi Rao (and Fury)

The Salish Lodge


Annemarie, thank you so much for officiating our wedding! We really can’t imagine our ceremony going better and you were a huge part of making that happen. It was all so thoughtful, personal and fun! My cousin even said it was like being married by our best friend! We love our vows and will keep them as a reminder of our special day.

Gurjot Tur and Lauren Englund

Private Residence, Vashon Island


Annemarie, thank you so much for surpassing our expectations! You were a breath of fresh air during a time that had potential to be completely stressful. Instead, our wedding ceremony was completely fun, stress-free, emotional, touching, loving and light – everything we imagined in our dreams. Kudos to you – we are forever grateful!

Alain and Sara Martinez

The Canal


Annemarie, you went above and beyond what we ever imagined for our wedding day and we are so glad we have this experience to look back on. I especially loved it when you presented the keepsake box to Amelia and when you were talking to her. It was so precious how you were connecting with her and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Your energy and spirit is wonderful and you truly have a gift.

Casey and Dayna Hughes

Resurrection Park, Tacoma


Thank you again for being our partner in creating such a moving and inspiring wedding ceremony with us that was a perfect expression of who we are as a couple. You were our guide and our coach and our partner in fulfilling our dream of a ceremony for us. You are more than an Officiant. To us, you are the possibility of profound love, honor, and extraordinary relationships.

Robert Gonzales & Dennis Haines

Private Residence, Redmond

Aaron Devon Pass

Thank you so much, Annemarie! The whole ceremony was perfect. Just the right length and tone and it was so personal. We got so many compliments on it and you, in particular.

Aaron and Devon Pass

DeLille Cellars


Dan and I loved the ceremony you delivered for us – a beautiful, warm and inclusive ceremony that everyone enjoyed. I can’t tell you the number of people who came up to us and asked how long we had known you, which only goes to show the commitment you have to delivering such a wonderful day for a couple.

Kim and Dan Heffernan

FareStart Seattle


I can’t say how much Brandon and I both appreciate you for being our Officiant. Everyone was in tears, including us! You helped make memories we will never forget; our ceremony was so very special. Everyone said the ceremony was their favorite part, and you literally never hear that; thank you for making it special for everyone.

Brandon and Darrah Christel

Columbia Tower Club


Annemarie, we can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony and for all of your guidance through the process, especially on the day of. We would not have had the flawless and elegant ceremony and day without you; we are so grateful.

Geoff and Judy Gurr

The Manor

Paul Amisha5

Thank you so much, Annemarie. Even rain couldn’t stop it and added more character to our day. Thank you for calming me down and making it so easy for both of us. Please keep in touch.

Paul Glynn and Amisha Thanki

Bacon Mansion


We are so immensely thankful for the fact that life brought us together. We cannot imagine having had our wedding officiated by a more caring, thoughtful and involved professional – frankly, a more perfect person. We felt safe with you in a very public and fragile moment. Thank you is not enough to express how grateful we are to you.

Alex and Christina Park

Seattle Tennis Club


Drake is right. You are a rare gem and your energy is completely infectious! What lovely sentiments – you made me cry with joy. You deserve all of our thanks as you have created the most memorable day of my entire life. You have a tremendous and natural gift and you’ve answered your calling, no doubt about that. Thank you so much!

Drake Brown and Ashlie Witt

Ft. Ward State Park, Bainbridge Island


Our ceremony was perfect, lovely and a day we will never forget. We are so grateful that we found such a supportive, understanding, upbeat and loving Officiant! We can’t thank you enough for all you did – for being so fabulous. You rock!

Tim and Emily Hannifin

Westlake Park


Annemarie, words will never be able to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing gift of the ceremony you gave us. Thank you for being a part of our life and sharing your unique gift with us.

Jeremy and Karlee Keith

Weyerhaeuser Mansion


I feel so blessed that we were guided to you and therefore received the gift of your heartfelt custom ceremony for our wedding ritual. Thank you for matching words to our experience – for touching the hearts of all of our guests. We have been told over and over again that this was the most amazing wedding I have been to!

Kat Comstock and Rhiana Wiggins

The Skansonia Ferry Boat


Not only are we so very married, we are so grateful to you for helping us achieve this new place in our lives. Thank you for being there for us throughout the entire process. Your wisdom, good humor and true grit got us through it all!

Brent and Jessica Buck


Annemarie, our ceremony was beautiful and you made it and us feel loved and wonderful. You are the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Frank Osborne and Randy Peloquin

Mayflower Park Hotel


Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance over the past few months and for our big day! We are thrilled with the ceremony result and everyone commented on how it was the most unique and wonderful one that they had ever been to. We really liked the fact that we could incorporate so many personal details and stories to share with our guests.

Andrew and Marina Holton

The Woodmark Hotel

Sunrise and Keith

There are no words that can do justice to the amount of gratitude we have for your amazing and  memorable celebration of our wedding ceremony.  Your clear and heartfelt delivery made our ceremony meaningful, warm and appropriately funny; your sensitivity when I began to lose composure was incredible.

Sunrise, Keith and Gunnar Williams

The Willows Lodge


Annemarie, you were amazing! Thank you so much for everything. Many compliments received on what a beautiful ceremony it was for us at St. Paul’s Church in Port Gamble!

Paul and Melissa Peterson-Bryce

St. Paul’s Chapel, Port Gamble


It’s amazing how quickly these precious moments pass. As we sit here on the beautiful Hood Canal, we are talking about how perfectly you captured us as a couple during our ceremony. Authentic and genuine are two of the most important feelings in our lives and you helped us with both of those yesterday.

David and Midge Myhre

Parsons Garden


It was it we had known you for years. Many of our guests commented that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to. Thank you for everything you did to make this one of the most amazing days of our lives. You were the perfect Celebrant to present and share the deep meaning of our lives together.

Jill Wendland and Iris von Jouanne

Private Residence, Ravensdale


Our wedding ceremony met all of our expectations of being meaningful and fun. We received so many compliments about your thought provoking ceremony – our family and friends loved you! We wish to extend our gratitude for a job well done. We truly appreciate the warmth, humor and just plain fun of working with you.

Chuck and Claire Stephens

Seattle Yacht Club


Thank you so much for your outstanding work on our wedding day! We really appreciate all of the effort you put into our ceremony; your delivery was perfect and amazing. It was truly an amazing experience and you nailed it as we wanted it.

Jeff Gavin and Laura Lu

Alderbrook Resort


Thank you for making our day so special! The day was perfect and you played a major role in making it happen. We have had many family and friends tell us how wonderful you are. It was our pleasure to acknowledge you with a gift, we hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.

Brian Myers and Steve Oliver

Edmonds Senior Center


Thank you so much for being an integral part of our wedding day. Your approach and support are just what we needed. After the rehearsal, we all felt confident in our roles and in the end, everything came together so gracefully. Justin and I appreciate how you went above and beyond to insure all details were accounted for. You made it a day we won’t forget and we are very grateful.

Justin and Jennifer Campana

The Willows Lodge

Holly Glinda 2

Annemarie, thank you so much for making our night absolutely perfect! We will never forget how special you made us feel nor how happy you made our guests.

Holly Gaunt and Glinda Quinnett

The Edgewater Hotel